The past was built on our efforts now is our time the future belongs to us

How do you change your future? Ask Jeff Harris

ReBalance Quantitative Easing. We want to give you £6,590.

BAN INTEREST help people keep more of their own money and never fall into the debt trap again.

Deconstruct TAX move the tax burden to big business by reducing TAX on people and by and by using QE as it should be used to buy Big Business.

Rebalance QE

Help Me Help YOU!!!

Please contact me if you agree strongly that we are over taxed and we need a radical overhaul of the Government system which we have found ourselves trapped in.

I literally can no longer survive in this idiocracy, I have a choice give up or fight. I chose to fight if you feel disillusioned, downtrodden, depressed, sick of working for or living on less every year then help me help you.

Jeff Harris

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