When you started in business did you plan to pay this much tax?

The heading for a tax return to HMRC

I Can Help You Restructure Your BTL Portfolio

I have been a landlord since 2003. I own 32 BTL properties and I have completed over 100 deals.

The latest tax situation caused me much pain. However it forced me to think outside the box and restructure my business to reduce my taxes legally back to a similar position I was three years ago.

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Bridging Finance For Any Business Purpose

Using the financial tools available and my knowledge gained from over 31 years in financial services and business. I can reduce TAX, increase cash flow 

or simply help you finance a new business project.

Bridging Finance for No UK Nationals, Overseas Clients, Expats, Severe Adverse including Equitable Charges and Bankruptcy Annulments.

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Equity Release / Financial Restructuring can help in many situations?

It is important to keep an open mind.

I have several financing sources which individually or combined could provide you with the ideal financial solution to your problems.

I'm just 1 call or email away from a free no obligation chat about resolving your issues.

Start Planning YOUR Financial strategy today !!!

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Jeff Harris CeMAP CeRER

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