When you started in business did you plan your exit strategy? Probably not!

When you started in business did you plan your exit strategy? Probably not!

Do not sell your business until you read this !!!

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Unless you've planned your business sale over the last decade chances are you could be under selling what's taken you years to create.

If your considering using a broker then your already discounting your value. 

A good exit strategy is planned 5 to 10 years in advance. 

It is all down to YOU. 

As the decision maker which option is more sensible; planning your exit strategy now and achieving your maximum value or waiting until 3 months before you want to retire and calling a business broker.

There may be buyers around now willing to share the burden, takeover gradually and even work in your business to help increase its value.

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For example you could be a landlord facing overwhelming new taxes.

Rather than sell at fire sale prices, one solution may be to restructure your portfolio and finances to increase your cash-flow. This could be achieved by using interest only zero payment loans to counteract new taxes. Another solution may be a joint venture partner to transition the sale over a set timescale .

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Profit through Association and efficiency of scale.

Your business by itself is one business. As part of a group of similar businesses your chances of being noticed as a worthwhile acquisition increase considerably. 

At the same time you could benefit from common overhead sharing through economies of scale. 

More provable profits = a higher sale price.

We are always looking for the right businesses to joint venture with or purchase

Our exit strategies could give you the peace of mind you need to move onto the next stage in your life.

It doesn't mater if you want to sell up yesterday or over the next ten years we can make the right bespoke plan for you.

Start Planning YOUR exit strategy talk to Jeff Harris !!!

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