What if we had no debts & interest rates where reduced to 1%

An unshaven business man loosening his collar looking stressed out

This country is ran by the Banksters, the rich, the elite seeking a status quo to trap us into eternal slavery.

What can you do about it?

Well I have decided to change the system because I believe it is broken.We need a political party who desire lawful revolution.

That is a Revolution for the United Kingdom.

Jeff Harris

I am a Human Being with inalienable rights.

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Change is hard because we fear what we don't know?

To change anything is going to be hard. They control everything, they deny us everything and they give us no knowledge of how they control us.

Franklin D Roosevelt  most famous quote "we have nothing to fear except fear itself"

I believe sums it up.

He then proceeded to hand over the entire United States of America to the (non federal) Federal Reserve. 

Talk about being sold down the river.

The Government thinks making a living is illegal

We pay Income Tax, National Insurance Tax. Business Rates Tax, Fuel Tax, Value Added Tax, Inheritance Tax, Council Tax, Car Tax, Corporation Tax, tax, tax, tax.


The Treasury creates money from thin air?

HMRC needs money?

Why not let the Treasury just give MRC the money it needs and keep us out of the equation?

The only conceivable reason to tax us is to keep us enslaved to the system.

Is this outrageous?

Reduce the Government by 50%

We do not need a Government which is now larger than the actual working population.

So job 1 would be to reduce its size and power. 

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