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Transformation of a Nation

Deficit Elimination and Tax Deconstruction

We listen to the so called experts waffle on about taxes, the national debt, the deficit and interest rates and blah blah blah.

It's all bull.

On the left you have HMRC saying give us some money and on the right you have The Treasury saying How much do you want us to create? 

Have you ever thought why do you need taxes?

The answer is to redistribute wealth. Your time and effort is what is being taxed in exchange you get protection, health care and local services.  These are very good reasons why some tax is necessary.

Right now we pay far to much for these services because the Elite have created hundreds of other ways to bleed us dry. There are taxes for everythinhttps://img1.wsimg.com/isteam/ip/d0ab311b-ddf5-4f1f-814d-17b9c003935c/558509f4-7bba-477e-8851-abae8d86acec.jpg/:/cr=t:0%25,l:0%25,w:100%25,h:100%25/rs=w:400,cg:trueg and incentives for nothing we are "the crab in the boiling pot."

But if The Treasury can create money from thin air why can't we just do that and keep the people of the UK out of the equation? 

The answer is the Treasury has no value other than it controls the purse strings and it supplies the trust in the system.

However we can deconstruct this system to eradicate a lot of taxes by  creating money to invest through the magic of Quantitative Easing. 

"But" this time QE would not be a forced creation to bail out bankrupt banks but an investment creation to invest in the worlds greatest businesses.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki we will create good debt for investment rather than bad debt for spending on bank bail outs.

Follow this equation:

We need £800 Billion a year to fund the tax system.

Big business pays 5% a year in dividends. 

Therefore if we created £16 Trillion of QE and bought shares in the worlds top companies we would have £800 billion  a year in dividends, which would cover what we need to pay the Nations bills without any need for taxation.

It would be a fine balancing act creating maybe £1.6 Trillion initially to invest and unwinding it as we or if we needed to, based on inflationary pressures.

At the same time as we grow this real income from monetary smoke and mirrors we can reduce our taxation demand by a significant amount per year. Or we could keep tax levels the same and improve public services health and education  or do a bit of both. A 1% tax reduction and a 2% funding increase per year would be achievable.

So from smoke and mirrors we can create  something of real value (the dividends and share ownership of the biggest and best businesses in the world) and we can reduce or demand less taxes from us the people of the United Kingdom. This is a simplistic overview and it could as with all good things take 3 times as long as planned but it is a plan to remove the people from the center of the equation instead of being the horse we become the rider. 

My personal favorite taxes to get rid of quickly.

Car tax (what is the point) just put an extra 3p on fuel duty and get rid now.

VAT on kids items, health products taxes, insurance tax, gas and electricity tax.

The student tax of 9% on earnings over £25,000. 

I'd make education free again as quickly as possible.

Landlords Mortgage relief I'd repeal this below the radar tenant tax.

I would keep VAT and rename it "Voluntary Added Tax" because you choose to buy new cars and spend money on holidays. I would merge Income tax and National insurance into a flat rate income tax at 20% starting from £24,000 pa.

When you clicked on this page you did so from curiosity.

 I hope after reading this you might feel a little stronger.

Jeff Harris

feel free to email me at   jeff@succession.ltd


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