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The government will distribute your estate on death if you have no Will in place.

Get a Will immediately. It is important you write one because if you don't have a Will you have no choice who gets your home, your belongings, your pensions, your finances etc...   f you die without a Will, your property will be distributed by a court-appointed administrator according to statutory plans for "intestate succession." Your property will be divided among your surviving spouse, children, and possibly other relatives in whatever manner the law of your jurisdiction specifies. You will not have a chance to give property to non-relatives or to exclude relatives. Additionally, if you have no relatives, your property will go to the state rather than to a friend or charity of your choice. 

We give you a FREE Will Template. Why?

Our reasoning is simple one day you may need Probate and after life tax planning help. When you do your beneficiaries can contact us to help them through a difficult time. you will note our details are printed in the Header and Footer of the document and we are written into the document as 3rd executor.

The document is totally adaptable and you may wish to remove Succession Ltd from the 3rd executor position. However should your chosen executors not have the confidence or the willingness to undertake the responsibilities of executorship then they would have the choice of allocating the responsibility to ourselves. As per our home page our Probate costs are typically half that of the more costly alternatives.

So it would do you no harm to have Succession Ltd as your 2nd or 3rd choice.

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