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The Government wants to give you approximately £13,000 in a Renewable Heating Initiative fund.

If you haven't got yours yet or if you need to understand how it works please let me tell you how much your entitled to. I don't even need to visit your property. I can tell you over the phone how it works and how much you can have.

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The gas boiler as you know it will be phased out over the next 10 years or so. The Government Renewable Heating Initiative is a bit like the Solar Panels initiative from 8/10 years ago in that they pay you a quarterly amount to help cover the installation costs of a more energy efficient Air Source Heat Pump heating system.
Right now RHI can be up to £13,000 (real cash paid quarterly into your bank account for 7 years) this is to pay for an Air Source Heat Pump and the installation costs which could save you over 60% on your current heating bills.
It is not an emotional decision you just need someone to explain the figures and equipment to you. The decision will be based on the savings you will make.
The greatest savings are for people currently using Oil, LPG, Coal, Electric, Wood..
If you already have Solar Panels then you will already understand the process of receiving money every quarter from your "feed in tariff".

Hi my name is Jeff Harris.
I want to tell you about the grans that are available and to give you a free no obligation quote for a New Air Source Heat Pump Heating System.

The initial figures and explanation  can be done over the phone.
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Hi Jeff please tell me how much RHI money I am entitled to?

I can work out your RHI without visiting your property.

Jeff Harris