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Information You Need To Know! on April 23rd 2019


Ben Leonard, 23,  was celebrating on the steps of Leeds Town Hall having successfully taken their former landlord to court and winning £15,000 of their rent back, with Ben tweeting the picture with the caption: “Just took our ex-landlord to court and won all our rent back.”

Within a few short hours he had gained nearly 80,000 likes.

But what had happened? What had gone so wrong?

It turned out their landlord had failed to acquire a House in Multiple Occupation Licence (HMO), which must be held by any home housing five or more unrelated people.


Every HMO tenant in the country will now be aware of this case and if your property is incorrectly licensed you are in trouble. Normal lenders will not lend on unlicensed property we lend on Bricks and Mortar valuations only. We can help you make the improvements you need to get your HMO licensable.

For the full Landlord being screwed by his tenants story, follow this link:


You can be fined up to £30,000 for non compliance and sued for a years rent by your tenant.

To avoid being sued or fined £30,000.

You may need to make some improvements.

That's were Succession Ltd might be able to help, a Refurbishment Loan could be the solution you NEED to make your property licensable? 

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