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for the people of the UK

Re-balance the power

I have listed 3 things I want to implement. How can we achieve these ambitious even outrageous changes to the structure of the British Banking industry, The Treasury and the British Economy.

First will give you and every other British Citizen £6,590.

This figure is roughly the amount you get when you divide £435 billion by 66 million people. So the figure £6,590 is the fair amount I believe every citizen should receive as justifiable compensation for the money that was misappropriated from us and handed to the banks to stop them going bust.

This is this done by making up the money.

You have to grasp this next concept to understand how money is created.

In the good old days a horse was worth 2 cows which were worth 2 pigs or 3 sheep or 30 chickens.

Then because it was a bit difficult to carry  chickens in your pocket we invented money as a substitute for the real value as long as we trusted each other to pay the bearer on demand the equivalent chickens and sheep all was good in the world of money.

In today's world we no longer need the chickens or gold we just trust each other that at the end of the chain someone will give them a chicken or 4 tins of beans in return for the money.

Money has no value the value is in the trust we give based on our Time and Effort expended.

So how did the Bank of England give £435 billion between 2009 and 2016 to the banks?

The answer is they didn't, through a series of smoke and mirror transactions they simple created the money from nothing. It simply did not exist. A few extra zero's were added to some accountants balance sheet, nothing actually happened. 

400 million new horses did not materialise overnight.

And  that is how we will re-balance the equation. Our first action will be to re-balance the £435 Billion back to the citizens of the United Kingdom.

This amount at present is £6,590 per person.

The money will be yours but the sensible thing to do would be to pay down your highest interest rate debt as priority 1, then priority 2 would be if you have no debt left to provide you with credits to be spent on UK manufactured goods and services with the option to give to UK based charities. This will create a mini economic boom which the people of the United Kingdom have missed for over a decade .

This quantitative re-balance does not have to be a one off occurrence we could organise a re-balance every year until we see inflation rekindled and then we would have to control monetary policy a bit tighter.

So as not to make this page three feet long I will go into points 2 and 3 on the next pages. Ban Interest and Deconstruct TAX.


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 Please contact me if you agree strongly that we are over taxed and we need a radical overhaul of the Government system which we have found ourselves trapped in.

I literally can no longer survive in this idiocracy, I have a choice give up or fight. I chose to fight if you feel disillusioned, downtrodden, depressed, sick of working for or living on less every year then help me help you.

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