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SME business owners now have a more flexible & better retirement option

39% of SME Business Owners fear being unable to retire


Work till you drop because you don't have anyone to succeed you and your unable to sell for the same reason. What you have failed to grasp is that by leaving the decision to retire until the last minute means, you will be forced to sell for a fraction of what your business is worth. Avoiding a Fire Sale is a must.

30% of SME Business Owners fear not having sufficient finances to retire


If you sell you fear you will never get what your business is worth? Or you wont get the amount you need to retire on?

Doesn't it make sense to fix your retirement package now while your free to decide and your not under pressure?

100% of Business Owners wish to retire at some point in time


How much thought have you given to your exit strategy?

 Can you achieve your goals?

Will you live the retirement dream or just work yourself into an early grave?

Don't you deserve to know what your options are?

We offer a bespoke retirement package giving you full control and the income you deserve.


If your retirement needs are cash flow orientated and/or inheritance based.

One of our bespoke Purchase Package's could be for YOU!

Your business works for you whilst you enjoy retirement.


Based on a mutual valuation our cash flow contributions allow you to retire whilst we achieve the sale price you seek.

Once agreed our goal becomes your goal but you remain in control at all times.

You have full control to reverse the decision if you change your mind.


If we don't achieve the sale price we agree then we will be happy to extend or terminate our agreement subject to the terms and conditions applicable.

YOU are in Control at all times!

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