If your aged 55 to 105 It might be possible to switch your current mortgage from Capital Repayment or from Interest Only, to NO REPAYMENTS or AD-HOC REPAYMENTS.

The obvious benefit is extra cash flow which you might need. Just think how well off you could be if you didn't have to make your mortgage payments anymore.

The obvious downside is if you don't make any payments, interest is compounded and it can reduce your equity and inheritance.

Do you qualify for a Commercial Letting?

If you have no mortgage on your property/s. Then consider letting your property/s on a commercial basis for up to 5 years?

The advantage to you is no voids, no tenant hassles, no stress and a regular cash flow.

This is in high demand so your property needs to qualify first. However the benefits are you could receive 100% of the market rent for five years both stress and hassle free.

With Commercial Lettings you have no need to worry about voids, tenant difficulties, maintenance or damages.

The Commercial Let is dealt with on a higher more professional level. With the security and condition of your property being paramount to the contract. Your property is maintained to the highest standards, with full insurance, CCTV, furnishings and housekeeping all being part of the package. This gives you a stress free experience with regular (void free) cash flow and no maintenance.

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