How equity release can help you play more golf

Pay Less Inheritance Tax and play golf courtesy of HMRC

It's simple you can reduce your inheritance tax through careful income gifting or capital gifting and save tax leaving you with more money to play golf. 

Switch your mortgage to an equity release lifetime mortgage and make no more payments.

One of the most frequent reasons to take out a retirement mortgage is to repay your current lender at the end of your mortgage term.

Other reasons might be to gift an early inheritance to your children or grandchildren. This way you see them enjoy rather than hoping it will all be okay when you pass away.

Or your specialist tax adviser has told you to trim down your estate to reduce your inheritance TAX.

Use the Equity Released to Generate an Extra Income

You could buy a Spanish Villa next to a golf course and rent it out during the summer months. This could generate a nice income to supplement your pension with. It also means you have somewhere to go for a free golfing holiday for 6 months a year.

The investment can be in anything seek investment advice from a suitably qualified adviser first.

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