Succession changing Society through a debt JUBILEE

Society Changing Principle 1

Cap interest rates to 1% which would be a fair administrative cost.

This means nearly all future loan/credit card payments will be reducing the balance instead of feeding the greed of the Lenders.

Society Changing Principle 2

Make every natural British Citizen part of a debt jubilee. By giving each citizen £10,000 to be paid off their current outstanding debts first and then to be spent on UK manufactured goods or services will create a revolution.  FREEDOM will be gained by the masses join the revolution. Say YES to a debt jubilee.

Society Changing Principle 3

Taxation simplification

Elimination of all Taxes to be replaced by a Flat Rate 20% Income Tax any shortfall in Government Spending will be supplied by the Treasury creating money from thin air thus wiping out the National Debt overnight.

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